Up Your Hotness with These 10 Blue Ombre Hair Colour Ideas

Hey, beauties, you have been asking for it, and it is here-blue ombre hair colour is without a doubt the most beautiful hair shade in 2018. It comes in different colour schemes for all skin tones so don’t worry you will find one ideal for you.

Be the key participant in these dazzling ombre colour trends with either one of the blue ombre shades and styles, with everything ranging from vibrant pastel blues to hot midnight shades. Check here for more insights.


  1. Blue and White Curls

If you want a more perky colour that will turn heads for good reasons, go for this light and elegant blue and white style. The colours glow magnificently in the sunlight, and the loose curls give a sassy and edgy admirable look.

  1. Dimensional Blues

50 shades of grey apart; have you given a serious thought on 50 shades of blue ombre hair? This beautiful hairstyle is a combination of various bluish tones and deep, purple colours that mimic the mermaid blues for dimensional upper half and chocolate roots.


  1. Aqua Blues

Do you want to embrace a breathtaking mermaid look? Well, you can achieve that with this blue ombre hairstyle. The aqua blue shades are bold, but voluminous at the same time, with ringlets that sweep this cut to a unique and feminine look that is ideal for younger girls.

  1. Exotic Blues

A distinct blue ombre hair hue is contrasted majestically by a brilliant, mint turquoise colour, coming up with an exotic ombre that is further enhanced by glam curls.


  1. Black and Midnight Blue

Who said blue ombre hair colour should be so vivid? You can go sultry by embracing this dark hue and midnight blue ombre blend. The hanging bangs swept to the side on the eye adds to the glamour of this hairstyle, so do the intricate curls from the bottom to the top.

  1. Dark Blue Tips

The subtle hue of blue at the trimmings of the hair is sensual to enhance the splash of shades to the dreary and dark roots. Go for a tri-colour with brown and blue to create a contrast. Improve the bouncy for defined sexy personality.


  1. Greens and Blues

There are numerous shades found in this beautiful curly short bob. From grey-blue to bright blue shades. A myriad of exciting hues makes this style stand out.

  1. Silver- Blue

Flowing with sexy look and mystery, this hair shade encompasses a silvery colour of blue that is enthralling and mystical. It is an ideal colour option to complement with side-swept ‘do.


  1. Bright Dip-Dye

This brilliant look utilises a dip-dye approach to add colour. It is further augmented with blue and green colour, and orange ends for a single badass combination.

  1. Purple and Blue

These are two trendiest colours of 2018. However, don’t be satisfied with only one tone, consider the colours with gray hints.