Health Tips For Women

Nowadays, more and more women stay up late at night. Some women like to stay up late, and some women have to stay up late. No matter why women stay up late, the result is rather terrible. It is a bad habit of staying up late for people, especially for women. There are some tips to be introduced to women in order to help them keep healthy.

At the beginning, women should know that some things should not be done before they stay up late. Firstly, women should not drink coffee any more. A large number of caffeine contained in coffee can palsy the human nervous system and cause endocrine disorder. According to the scientific study in Britain, the risk of getting heart disease can be increased if people drink black coffee at night. To take a cold shower is the second thing women should not do in the evening if they have to stay up late at night. The medical scientists have pointed out that the human blood will become sticky at night and cold water will stimulate the blood capillary and increase the tensity of the nerves. In addition, it is also unhealthy to turn on the air-conditioner at night. As the human immunity decreases at night, it is easy for people to get a cold.

In order to help women keep healthy at night, three tips are introduced. The first tip is to supplement enough calcium. The experts have pointed that the loss of calcium inside the human body reaches the peak hour at 2:00 at night. If your brain is hard working at that moment, the loss of calcium can be increased. Therefore, women should eat some calcium tablets before working at night. Iron can restrain the absorption of calcium to some degree by the human body. It is necessary to avoid the foods in the evening like spinach, eggs and red dates which contain rich iron. The second tip is to supplement vitamin B which actively participates in the human metabolism and provides energy for the human body. In addition, vitamin B can effectively increase the activeness of brain cells and enhance the memory. As the absorption time of vitamin B inside the human body lasts four to five hours, women should eat vitamin B tablets before 9 pm. A facial mask is also necessary. In order to resist the computer radiation and prevent moisture loss at night, women should apply a beauty mask to the face.