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Round Nails Designs to Try This Year

Comparing the round nails shape with the other shapes, you will find that the later has more advantages. First, you can accomplish your manicure while at home and just spend some few minutes working on it if you like short round nails. Secondly, this is a very practical nail design and you will not worry about hurting your fingers or even breaking the nails.

Another important thing is that if you have brittle nails you can effortlessly maintain the nails on your own as this nail design is very easy and straightforward to create. And last, the most preferred thing about round nails is that the period of wearing them is long since they don’t tear easily.

  1. Sleek Nails with Square Rounded Shape.

Your cute nails will appear more beautiful if you create squire rounded shape and paint them with black matte polish. You can decide to mark the manicure out by incorporating shimmers on your ring fingernails.

  1. Round Shaped Nails Covered with Nude Polish

Round nails look super cute when covered with nude polish. But it doesn’t have to be dull, just consider incorporating ombre technique to your manicure and some subtle décor for a perfect image.

  1. Subtle French Manicure

This is absolutely a good option for women with short round nails. Black painting plates style the nail tips beautifully and it makes this round nail design adorable.

  1. Almond Nails Shape

This dramatic shape also emphasises the round nails. That is the reason why it is very common among many modern women. Have your nails polished using a royal blue shade with Swarovski crystals and you will find rocking wherever you go.

  1. Red and Black on Round Nails

Black, white and red shades are always trendy and classic. They never stop trending. If they are blended randomly in a single nail design, they appear fresh, chic and so interesting, especially for the ladies with short round nails.

  1. Perfect Round Manicure

If you are planning to attend that romantic night out or the evening dinner, you can roll your looks with a beautiful manicure.

  1. Long Almond Nails Design

This nail art is ideal for any image you want to achieve. In this design, you can opt for a white base if you are looking to apply freehand design like a sly fox.

  1. Outstanding Nail Art Design

This is one design for round nails that is worth trying. Employ the white shellac as a background and paint some nails with an abstract image of eyes. There you have your cute nail art design that you can rock any occasion with.

  1. Gradient Nail Design

This nail design has become very popular over the past years. Looking at it, there are all signs white it is worthwhile to go for. The sleek transition from purple to blue and some hollo is a great blend.

Here Are the Best Tips for The Ladies Suffering from Resting Bitch Face

Does it feel bad when people walk past you and ask you what is wrong with you, even when you are in a happy mood? It is very hurting, but it is an everyday ordeal especially if you have a resting bitch face.

People tend to assume that you are so miserable, because of your looks especially when you think no one is paying attention to you. Well, it comes a time when you don’t have to answer such pesky questions. Here are some makeup tips for girls with resting bitch face.

  1. Include White Shadow to The Inner Corner of Your Eyes

If you seem tired and miserable, the reason could be that your resting bitch face is worse. To take care of that problem, add a white shadow to the inner corner of your eyes to complement the rest of your eye makeup. That fine bit of shadow will create a false impression that your eyes are wide and you are more alert. That implies you will look friendlier than before.

  1. Use Bright Lipstick Rather Than Dark Ones

Wearing dark lipsticks gives you a more badass look, and again such a resting bitch face sends messages that you don’t want people to bother you. That is why you should consider wearing bright lipsticks and matching it with an even more colourful dress. It gives you a bubbly look and sends signals that you are ready for any conversation, even when you are not smiling.

  1. Don’t Create A Sharp Eyebrow

Eyebrows have taken a special place in today’s eye makeup. But you don’t have to make them appear too fierce. If you do, you look somehow more intense. However, if you maintain them rounded, they make your face softer. That implies that people will be more at ease when approaching you.

  1. Apply Highlights of Your Face on The Right Areas

Highlighting your face is not so difficult as contouring it. You only need to create an upside-down triangle below your eyes and create a line beneath your nose and then add a little bit of colour on your chin. When done, your face will appear brighter in the parts where you applied the highlighter. It makes your face livelier.

  1. Add Colour to Your Cheeks

Your face shouldn’t look too pale and tight. To amend this, just add some colour to your cheeks. Either use light pink blush or your lipstick blush, so it compliments your lips. Just ensure the hint is light and subtle. You will not need something that is dark and dramatic.

  1. Make Sure the Bangs Under Your Eyes Are Well Covered

Adding white hint to the inner corners of the eye might not all you need to do. You shouldn’t forget to conceal the bangs below your eyes. Doing so ensures you don’t appear like you had a bad night and hated the universe. That dramatically relaxes your resting bitch face.